The iEvolve Photo highlight reel includes footage from some of my favourite work, which is documentary-style footage and interviews with fun, interesting people.

Children of Pioneers is a film documenting the experiences of people raised in the Big Muddy Badlands area of Saskatchewan during the pioneer era. Film subjects Archie Shaver, Florence Galbraith, Vi Kessler and Jim Lamoreux were born or raised in the Big Muddy. They are incredibly humble people who made a life by living off the land - ranching and farming in a place they love. With this short film, I intend to tell their unique stories of living and loving in the Big Muddy. Thanks to High Reward Marketing for the animated logo in the end credits.
This is the first project I created with Equine Connection. I really love working with Kari and Carolyn to produce something we're proud of.
This is the second project I worked on with Equine Connection. I believe there is something special about what this business does to help better people's lives. It's a pleasure to help share their story.
I have had the opportunity to know the owners and athletes of Airdrie Martial Arts Centre over the last few years, covering their events for the Airdrie Echo. When I embarked on freelancing full time, owners Luis Cofre and Vanessa Bellegarde were some of my first new clients in 2017. This project is something I'm proud of, as it launched me into doing more videos.
A promotional video from the weigh-ins for the White Collar Boxing III event at the Local 522 Public Tavern & Kitchen on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 in Calgary, Alta. This was shot and delivered within 12 hours for the charity event to promote on Facebook the day of the event and it got several thousand views that day.
Chad Besplug and the friends of Alpha Bull are great characters. I hope you enjoy this video as Andrew Morkin goes under the needle to get the Alpha Bull Events bull logo tattooed on his left arm by Chris at Atticus Tattoo in Bridgeland on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 in Calgary, Alta.
We had done the main filming for our first video with the Airdrie Martial Arts Centre, and were able to put this together to further help promote the high-impact business.
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